Community Services

Neighbourhood Warden

Stroud District Council Neighbourhood Wardens  engage with the local community to help  support vulnerable people,  offer free home security and crime prevention advice and to advise on dealing with bogus callers, antisocial behaviour, hate crime and bullying.
In addition, they work to keep our environment clean and green by dealing with such issues as litter, fly tipping, dog fouling and graffitti.

Sadly, we have had a stream of wardens for Eastington area come and go, and for a while did not have our ‘own’.  Happily we now do! – contact Katie Marwick at :-

Neighbourhood Warden 
Stroud District Council
Ebley Mill, Ebley Wharf
Stroud, Gloucestershire. GL5 4UB

Also see
Stroud website:
Follow the work of the wardens on twitter @sdc_wardens

Village Agent/
Community Wellbeing service.

The Village Agent service has now been replaced by a service called  ‘Community Connectors’ or ‘Community Wellbeing Service’.   This is run by GRCC – (Gloucestershire Rural Community Council see

It is a free and confidential service aiming to connect you to the appropriate local assistance (charity, organisation etc) if you have problems related to mental or physical health, general fitness, social isolation, debt, berevement or other challenges to your ‘wellbeing’.

Info is available at

To make a referral to the Cotswold Community Wellbeing Service  you can contact your GP Surgery OR contact GRCC by phone on 01452 528491 or by email to

However, it gets complicated as there are various ‘service providers’.  We come under ‘Stroud’ area (or ‘Stroud and Berkeley Vale’) and the providers of the service are called The Independence Trust, which you can find here:
Telephone: 0345 863 8323

Police Liaison

Gloucestershire Constabulary – Stonehouse area

Eastington’s Local representative is Liz Ward
Police Community Support Officer – 249081
Stroud Police Station, The Cross, Parliament Street, Stroud, GL5 1QQ

Telephone:  Dial   101   to be connected to your local team.

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